Our Custom Built Bunkhouse Trailers Are Commercial Grade Quality And Custom Built For Your Needs.

Your employees deserve to have somewhere to recharge after a long days work. Our Custom Built Bunkhouse Trailers or Bunk Bed Trailers can hold numerous bunk beds for your workforce. On top of that, many of the bunkhouse trailers may be customized to include showers, bathrooms, sinks, etc., turning it into a combination trailer.

Our Bunkhouse Trailers are also equipped with a hydraulic drop frame, enabling easy one step access to get into the trailer. Our Bunkhouse Trailers are the optimal choice for personnel from any professional background.

Whether it be large scale events, fire fighting support, man camps, or emergency disaster relief effort, our Bunkhouse Trailers are the ideal choice for any group to recharge after a long day on the front lines.

Bunk Beds In Bunkhouse Trailer
Bunkhouse Trailer Exterior
Bunkhouse Trailer Control Center
Bunk House Trailer Exterior

Floor Plan Sketches

Bunkhouse Trailer Floorplan 1
Bunkhouse Trailer Floorplan 2
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The Best Bunkhouse Trailers on the Market

We offer the widest selection of new, used, and custom bunkhouse trailers. Call us at 800-680-2902 today!

Whether you are managing a remote construction project, responding to a disaster, or simply exploring the country with your family, a mobile bunkhouse trailer is a great way to allow a large group of people to rest comfortably after a long day. Whether you need a travel trailer with a bunkhouse or want to explore a huge selection of custom floor plans, Montondo Trailer is your source for the best bunkhouse trailers available.

Why Get a Trailer with a Bunkhouse?

Luxury and commercial bunkhouse trailers have a lot of applications. Montondo Trailer builds custom, commercial-grade bunkhouse and bunk bed trailers that our clients use for:

  • Staffing large-scale events
  • Camping and travel
  • Firefighting and disaster relief efforts
  • Military and law enforcement camps

For the longest-term applications, we recommend investing in a custom bunkhouse trailer with a restroom. The added comfort and convenience of these trailers make them well worth it!

What Should I Look for in a Mobile Bunkhouse?

Not all bunkhouse trailers are equal! There are a few questions you should ask when choosing one:

  • What towing capacity is available when I need to move this trailer?
  • Is this trailer easy for people to get into and out of?
  • Do I want a trailer with running water access or one that uses tanks?
  • Where will I be taking this trailer, and what are the weight and length requirements?

Every one of our clients has unique needs, which is why none of our trailers are alike. Our Montondo Trailer team will work with you to deliver a luxury product that offers every feature you need.

The Top Source of Luxury and Commercial Bunkhouse Trailers

We know there are a lot of options for trailers with a bunkhouse out there. When you choose a bunkhouse trailer, you want one that’s both durable and easy to use. All our bunkhouse trailers come with a hydraulic drop frame, and we even manufacture ADA-compliant trailers for further ease of access.

Since 2014, Montondo Trailer has been proud to provide commercial and luxury travel trailer bunkhouses, restroom and laundry trailers, and more. Give us a call today at 800-680-2902 to learn about your options and our 80% buyback policy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bunkhouse travel trailers are a type of trailer that attach to a larger tow vehicle. They are popular among firefighters, first responders, and on-site personnel.

The smallest mobile bunkhouse model we offer can fit up to six people.

Many of our commercial bunkhouse trailers are customizable. This allows you to turn them into luxury travel trailers with bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

A family bunkhouse trailer is a towable addition to a truck or recreational vehicle that holds primarily beds. This is a useful option for larger families taking long trips.