Here at Montondo Trailer, we are here to help you attain your dream trailer. Forget having to deal with any brokers or middlemen when doing business with us. We are here to service every expectation that you put forth in the pursuit of your dream trailer. Montondo Trailer has an extensive list of customizations for both the interior and exterior readily available for your custom trailer. As a customer, you can expect quick and direct responses to any questions or inquiries.

Here at Montondo Trailer, we bring you through an easy step-by-step process when constructing your dream trailer.

Our process begins with the initial consultation where we get a feel for what you desire as a customer. Here, we go over what your budget is, and what kind of customizations you might want to add to your trailer based on your professional needs or the location in which your company is stationed.

After your consultation, we provide our design engineer with a list of all the schematics that you would like to include with your trailer. With all the information in hand, a floor plan is created, allowing our assemblymen to fully grasp your vision as we begin to build your dream trailer.

Next in the process of constructing your trailer is the framework. The frame for your trailer is made up of a tubular steel frame that is built in our welding shop. Each trailer frame is built from the ground up, one piece of steel at a time, forming a high-strength steel construction of the trailer frame.

Following the framework step, we begin the below plumbing step of the trailer. Here, the customer decides whether they would like grey/black water tanks, or have direct access to plumbing that connects to the septic or sewer. Montondo Trailer also offer extra insulation and heating to be added with the winter packages.

After the installation of the below plumbing process, we move on to the implementation of sub-flooring and walls. Our marine grade sub-flooring combined with construction grade vinyl flooring provides an attractive look with the durability to last many years to come. For the interior walls, we typically have them prebuilt and covered with white pebble texture FRP.

However, we have multiple custom laminates available to choose from for a more luxurious look.

The installation of the sinks, showers, and toilets are then added in the above floor plumbing process. After, the custom one-piece gel coat walls are secured to the trailer, allowing you to begin to see your vision come to life.

The last step in the production process is the finishing stage. Here, the wiring of all fans, interior/exterior lights, and air conditioning are completed. The finishing of the interior rooms are completed, which includes things such as faucet and shower head trim work. Lastly, caulking and sealing all edges within the interiors are done to make certain that each room is 100% water-tight. The final piece of production is the completion of the mechanical room. Our mechanical rooms are PEX organized with a plumbing manifold which allows easy shutoff. We have options for either electric hot water tanks, which are perfect for restroom trailers that have hand washing, or we have natural gas hot water tanks that provide on-demand instant hot water for things such as showers.

restroom trailers for events
restroom trailers for weddings

Our final stage in the overall process of providing you with your dream trailer is the inspection. Throughout the manufacturing of the trailer, tests are performed to ensure a 100% functional trailer once it’s delivered. Our tests include multiple water tests and testing on all electrical components and switches. Finally, our upper management does a complete inspection before sending it off to our most valued customers.