Frequently Asked Questions About Restroom Trailers

Do shower and restroom trailers require running water access to work?
We offer shower and restroom trailers with both options for our customers. You can decide which customization you prefer. For example, some of our trailers offer large freshwater tanks onboard, whereas others have direct connections for city water or sewer hookups.
What types of trailers do you sell?
We design, build, and sell custom trailers for our customers, including shower trailers, restroom trailers, laundry trailers, bunkhouse trailers, and combination trailers. Our restroom trailers are available in two types: luxury and commercial. Of course, we specialize in creating custom-built trailers. You can choose virtually any customization you want to suit your needs.
Does your company offer new or used trailers?
At Montondo Trailers, we have a selection of new and used trailers for sale. Many customers prefer our preowned trailers as they are more affordable than purchasing a brand-new trailer. Every preowned restroom trailer we offer undergoes rigorous inspections and cleaning to ensure quality and reliability.
Does Montondo Trailers have ADA-compliant restroom and shower trailers?
Yes! Our current inventory frequently changes due to high demand. However, we offer plenty of ADA-compliant options for customers who need greater accessibility. In addition, you can design and build a trailer with personal customizations, such as ADA toilets, shower benches, and external ramps.
How do restroom trailers work?
Our restroom trailers are convenient and comfortable. Our trailers have large holding tanks for all wastewater, and others have connections for sewer hookups. Some of our restroom trailers also have waterless toilets and other high-efficiency restroom fixtures.
Do you offer long-term trailer rentals?
No we not offer long-term trailer rentals for our customers. However, it’s often more cost-effective to purchase a new or preowned trailer rather than rent one for the long term. To help you make a well-informed decision, we can provide you with a free price quote comparing the cost of purchasing versus renting.
How does your buyback program work?
At Montondo Trailer, every customer can take advantage of our buyback program, a cost-effective alternative for people who need a long-term trailer rental. If you purchase a trailer from us, we will buy it back from you for up to 80% of the original purchase price. To learn more about our buyback program, give us a call and speak with one of our friendly customer service reps.