Whatever your needs are, Montondo Trailer can design custom decontamination trailers just right for your Decon, HazMat, Rehab, or Command Center. Here are some examples of some of the Decontamination Trailers configurations we can customize for you.

We specialize in Decontamination Trailers that are built to handle Asbestos Abatement as well as Heavy Mineral and Lead.  Our custom built Decon Trailers Hot Water on Demand system can be powered by either electric or propane, whichever suits your needs best!

Ready-to-use Decontamination Trailers — Perfect For Any Disaster Situation

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At Montondo Trailer, we can build custom decontamination trailers to meet all of your needs and ensure that your team is following OSHA regulations. We’ll design and manufacture exactly the decon trailer you need using commercial-grade materials that follow the highest safety standards. 

Whether you need a short-term decon trailer rental or a more long-term solution, our team is here to help you find what you’re looking for. We’ll work with you from conception to installation and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied. 

Ready-to-use Decon Trailers

We specialize in decon trailers for asbestos abatement as well as those for heavy minerals and lead, but we can also custom-build trailers for just about any situation. The design, number of stalls, and functionality are fully customizable based on your needs. We can include features like:

  • Eye wash stations
  • Exterior sinks
  • Lockers
  • Onboard wastewater tanks

Our on-demand water system can use an electric water heater or a propane tank to provide instant hot water. You can also use our mobile trailers year-round in any weather conditions.

Decon Trailer Rentals to Suit Any Need

We offer both short-term and long-term decon trailer rentals. However, purchasing a custom-built trailer can be more cost-effective than renting if you’re looking for something more long-term. It can also help us better meet all of your specific requirements. 

We’ll work with you to figure out the best purchase option for you. If you decide to buy a decon trailer, you can always sell it back to us through our buy-back program for up to 80% of the original price.

Powerful Mobile Decontamination Trailers

Our mobile decontamination trailers are appropriate for use at:

  • Hospitals
  • Fire departments
  • Oil refineries
  • Construction sites
  • Military bases
  • Disaster cleanup sites
  • And more

The contaminated water flows into a tank under the trailer for disposal. You can also move these trailers from one location to another fairly easily. 

If you have more questions about our decontamination trailers or would like to get a quote, call our team at Montondo Trailer today at 800-680-2902.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to OSHA regulations, the decontamination process must either physically remove the contaminants, inactivate them by chemical means, or a combination of both. The exact steps you take will depend on the decontamination method you choose. Typically, you’ll enter a stall decontamination shower trailer on one side before showering and exit on the other side to prevent recontamination. 

A decon trailer is appropriate for any place where chemicals or other types of contaminants are present. This can include disaster sites, oil refineries, power plants, construction sites, lead and asbestos projects, and more.

They promote safety in the workplace and ensure OSHA regulation compliance. You can also easily move mobile decontamination trailers from site to site as needed and use them year-round in any weather conditions.