Reliable and Modern Onsite Portable Restroom Solutions

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Our portable restroom trailers are cost-effective, comfortable, and durable. Whether you’re looking for commercial or luxury portable bathroom trailers, shower trailers, or bunkhouse trailers, we’ve got the solution for you at Montondo Trailer. 

Convenient Bathroom Trailers

We tailor our bathroom trailers to meet your needs, from the number of sinks and stalls you need for your portable toilet to fresh water and wastewater storage preferences. Our bathroom trailers are perfect for:

  • Campsites
  • Festivals
  • Community events
  • Disaster sites
  • School districts

Portable Shower Trailers

Our shower trailers run the gamut from very simple to complex units with customizable features such as:

  • Single- or multi-showerhead trailers
  • ADA-compliant trailers
  • Instant hot water
  • Fold-down benches
  • Individual temperature controls

Combination Bunkhouse Trailers

Our bunkhouse trailers can fit several beds, and we can make them to order with additional features such as showers, bathrooms, and sinks.

To learn more about our restroom trailers or get a quote, call our team at Montondo Trailer today at 800-680-2902.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile restroom trailers work in different ways depending on which type you choose. Some have large holding tanks for waste, others have sewer hookups, and they all must connect to an electrical supply. We strive to make all of our trailers as comfortable as possible.

We scrub and bleach portable restroom trailers the same way you’d clean any other bathroom. Additionally, we recommend placing a doormat at the entrance to help keep floors clean as people come and go. 

You can take several steps to winterize a unit, including using antifreeze and tank heaters. We’ll ensure that your trailer is set up for success to make it through any weather conditions.