Whether you are hosting a community outreach program to help the less fortunate in disaster relief, running an event to help the homeless, or even hosting a concert for hundreds to watch, all these events or initiatives will need a shower and restroom.

Hosting community events such as these, often require a temporary facility with multiple functions readily available. This is where Combination Trailers are the optimal selection for functions such as these.

A Combination Trailer is both portable and economical when hosting events such as the ones listed above. The difficulty to find or build a permanent facility for your event might not be efficient in meeting your exigencies.

When you need a facility with multiple functions, our team at Montondo Trailer is here to help!

We offer full designs with customizable options to meet every obligation that is required. All of our Trailers are built with the highest quality of material.

The combination of our experience, knowledge, and premiere customer service will allow us to build the best Combination Trailer for all of your demands.

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The Best Combination Trailers on the Market

When you need restroom trailers and shower trailers for your community event, call Montondo Trailers at 800-680-2902 to secure one for your needs today!

Events that bring our communities together are more important than ever! Keeping those events sanitary and comfortable plays a crucial role in the planning process. While you plan the details of the next festival, concert, or other large gathering, call our team at Montondo Trailers to help you select the perfect portable restroom facilities for your local event. 

Purchasing one of our bathroom trailers will prove more cost-effective for you. Our free quote takes all details into account that ensure that you make a well-informed decision based on your needs and budget. This quote also compares purchasing vs. renting a combination trailer.

Convenient Restroom Trailers

Our restroom trailers contain sinks and restroom stalls. Each stall contains a toilet, and we can meet your needs whether you need one restroom or dozens of them. These trailers work best for outdoor events with limited restroom options. They also work for single-day events where indoor restrooms cannot accommodate all attendees.

Portable Shower Trailers

Our shower trailers contain privacy stalls with showerheads, instant hot water, and fold-down benches. They have an enclosed area outside the stall to keep fresh clothes and other belongings. Shower trailers are necessary for multi-day festivals or working with a crew on the road. You will want a shower trailer anywhere you need reliable shower facilities.

Customizable Bathroom Trailers

We offer an inventory of cost-effective and durable bathroom trailers with a variety of customizable designs. We can also offer options for your bathroom trailer to meet any special requests, including handicap-accessible trailers and luxury bathroom trailers for weddings. With our help, you can select the design that meets the requirements of any special permits for all your event needs.

Montondo Trailers: Combination Trailers for All Your Event Needs

Our combination trailers work best for concerts, festivals, and outreach or disaster relief programs. They will keep the dirty work out of sight while attendees focus on important things like coming together! Discover the convenience of our comfortable portable shower trailers and bathroom trailers today. Get in touch with Montondo Trailers at 800-680-2902 for a free quote! We’re ready to answer your questions now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The size and weight of your trailer will determine the vehicle type used to transfer it. A big trailer with more stalls needs a truck tractor, combination vehicle, or other towing vehicles capable of pulling the load safely. Recreational vehicles or single vehicles can pull smaller trailers with only one or two stalls. 

If you can hook your shower trailer or restroom trailers up to running water, we certainly recommend it because it helps lower the cost of usage. You can also fill up a holding tank to store water for remote locations. 

If you are in a remote location with no appropriate outlets, use a generator to power up your combination trailers.

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Combination Trailers?

“I cannot describe the joy we have since receiving our shower trailer. It has been awesome for our guest at The Dalles Pallet Shelter to see our guests wake up and be able to take showers to begin their days and the positive effect it has on their attitudes and their emotions going out to find a job and or permanent housing. We have had nothing but great and positive experiences with calling Montondo Trailer with questions. They have been very cordial and respectful. I would recommend them to all persons looking to purchase one of their trailers. Thanks, Montondo for always being patient with me and always courteous to our needs.”

Robert Mendoza