Our Laundry Trailers are optimal for emergency and disaster relief, alongside homeless outreach.

There is a constant demand to help those who are displaced from disaster. This combined with homelessness becoming more prevalent, has allowed mobile trailers to becoming more essential to help those in need.

Montondo Trailer have trailers to suit any situation where you need onsite laundry facilities. Laundry facilities are essential to outreach programs helping those in need. Whether it be for those in need, or for your company’s employees working an event, having the option for portable outside laundry in whatever day to day operation that is being held is crucial. Laundry facilities are rarely available for the homeless, or those displaced by a natural disaster.

To offer more comfort, consider getting a Mobile Laundry Trailer.

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Floor Plan Sketches

31FT 10 STATION LAUNDRY trailer floor plan

Choose the Perfect Laundry Trailer for Your Business

Looking for the best laundry service to support your business? Call Montondo Trailer at (800) 680-2902 to schedule a free consultation.

Montondo Trailer provides reliable laundry trailers that function in remote locations without access to water, sewer, or electrical services. Our laundry trailers cater to non-profit organizations and businesses that support the service industry and disaster relief workers. We offer laundry trailers in a wide range of sizes so that every business can take advantage of them.

Mobile Laundry Trailers

Doing laundry anytime is easy with our mobile laundry trailers. Our laundry trailers come with stackable commercial-grade washers and dryers to maximize efficiency. We provide mobile laundry trailers in multiple sizes to ensure there’s never a wait or delay.

Notable features include spacious utility countertops to iron, fold, and organize your laundry. We offer interior amenities such as air conditioning and non-slip rubber floors to protect your employees. Our mobile laundry trailers are easy to move and relocate. 

Portable Laundry Trailers

Our self-contained portable laundry trailer includes freshwater and waste tanks. We have small and large capacity trailers with built-in ventilation, so they can quickly wash and clean clothes. Our team can assist your business with every step of the process to buy and set up portable laundry trailers, including:

  • Expert planning
  • Accurate delivery
  • Timely service

We provide additional services, such as portable restrooms, hand-washing stations, and shower trailers. Our portable laundry trailers are available with custom options to meet your business’s unique needs. Before delivery, all mobile laundry units and equipment undergo a thorough inspection.

Laundry Trailer Rental

We provide laundry trailer rental services to businesses for events where attendees can do their laundry, such as:

  • Campsites
  • Sports complexes
  • Music festivals

We offer trailers with an open floor plan to maximize productivity by allowing people to move inside and outside easily.

No matter the size and type of event, we can provide laundry trailer services for your business. We offer laundry trailers in six, ten, or custom configurations, with delivery and pickup schedules that work for you. Contact our sales representatives to learn more about our laundry trailer rental services.

Contact Montondo Trailer in Buffalo, NY, today for turn-key portable laundry trailers. Call us at (800) 680-2902.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our portable laundry trailers with six washers and dryers can handle 250 pounds per hour. Six laundry stations can serve 750 guests, and the smallest configuration of three can serve up to 250 guests. Give us a call to find the right-sized laundry trailer.

For remote locations without plumbing or electricity, our trailers can operate self-sufficiently without hookups. 

Yes. We can add one to two portable toilets in the laundry trailer. 

Our laundry trailers have amenities, such as on-demand hot water, ironing boards, and storage shelves. We also install bright lights inside the trailer and a folding table for convenience.