Mobile Laundry Trailers

Mobile laundry trailers help you provide more comfort for those without access to laundry facilities.

At Montondo Trailer, we have a large inventory of new and used laundry trailers. These trailers may be useful during disasters, emergencies, and homeless outreach.

In times of a disaster, families may get displaced. They may only have one or two changes of clothing, increasing the need for fresh clothes.

With our selection of portable laundry trailers, you can ensure that these families get the assistance that they need.

Large Selection of Quality Portable Laundry Trailers

We have trailers to suit any situation where you need onsite laundry facilities. These trailers are convenient for special events, such as festivals or corporate retreats. You may also need mobile laundry trailers to help the homeless.

Without access to clean clothes, it can be hard to look for a job or feel confident when going in for an interview. You can bring laundry facilities to those that you help through your outreach programs.

No matter the reason for needing a trailer, you may enjoy some of the following features:

  •  ADA compliant facilities
  •  Combination units with restrooms or showers
  •  Sinks and folding tables
  •  Custom built options to suit your specific needs
  •  New and used trailers for any budget

Laundry facilities are rarely available for the homeless or those displaced by natural disasters. To offer a little more comfort, consider getting a mobile laundry trailer.

Floor Plan Sketches

mobile laundry trailer floor plan
laundry trailer floor plan
laundry trailers for sale

Let Us Help You Find the Right Laundry Trailer

At Montondo Trailer, we are committed to helping our customers find the trailer that best fits their requirements. We have the perfect solution for your organization.

We also have a wide selection of restroom trailers and shower trailers, allowing you to handle all the sanitation needs of those in your care.

Contact us at Montondo Trailer today for more information about commercial-grade laundry trailers!

Laundry Trailers Floor Plans